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How much will it cost? It depends...


I can help you communicate your message through a website, a brochure, business card or a multimedia presentation. I will provide an estimate, but the final cost will depend on the site’s features and pages. Use the contact form for a more specific quote. Your project will not be complete until you are happy with it.


A basic site with simple pages will cost as little as $500.00. But if you want a responsive site, one that looks good on all devices, desktops, various types of phones and tablets, it will cost more and range from $1,000.00.


I ask for a deposit of 20 percent of the estimate before I start creating the design. I can provide two unique designs along with a final estimate based on my understanding of what features and how many pages  and features you want in the final site.


Full payment is due when the site is live on the domain and you tell me you love it. I collaborate closely with clients during the design and construction phase. Design is done by the hour, usually taking 2-4 hours to settle on a design. Clients provide photos and text for the site unless otherwise arranged at the start of the project. eCommerce options, Blogs, Galleries and other specialty features can be implemented for additional costs.


Here is a limited price list. It will give you an idea of the basic costs...


Tech support, either in person or via a remote link, is charged by the hour at $60.00 per hour - one hour minimum. I can provide "paper" tutorials if you desire... also done by the hour.


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